Guest Post Putting the Pieces Together Challenge

Guest Post: Jeff W. Shares His Insights with His ASD.

Where do I even begin? I think for starters, everyone has to understand that each person on the spectrum has their own set of challenges and difficulties…

Putting the Pieces Together Challenge

Keep the Fires Alive!

As I’ve been looking over the Facebook Insights page for The Aspie Dialogues since last week’s call to action, I’ve been very impressed and grateful for the numbers I’ve been seeing. At the time of this writing, that post has reached 454 people, garnering 14 clicks and 9 likes, comments, and shares. I’m almost sad in […]

Life Putting the Pieces Together Challenge

Putting the Pieces Together…

One of my primary goals for The Aspie Dialogues is to promote meaningful discussion (Dialogue, anyone?) on the topics that concern us as the ASD community. I realize that the term, “Aspie,” may technically be widely considered defunct nowadays and that it refers to only a fraction of the ASD community, but it’s been so engrained […]