Some Good News

Yesterday, I finally received my diploma from my Master’s degree I earned back in May. Words cannot describe the relief I feel just knowing that I can now officially close the books on my graduate studies.

But that’s not the whole reason I’m writing today.

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support is hosting a 5K as part of Saint Joseph’s University’s Hawktoberfest celebration on September 27.

I started a team page for it, located here.

If any of my readers will be in the area and want to join my team, that’d be great! If you want to support the team but can’t run or won’t be in the area, you can also donate to Team Puzzle Pride from the team page.

The run (or walk, if that’s your thing) will cost $25 per runner, $100 per group of 5 individuals, or $10 per SJU student. Or you can donate toward the cause, like I described above.

For those of you who wish to join Team Puzzle Pride, check in starts at the Kinney Center at 7:00 AM on Saturday, September 27, and the race kicks off at 8:30 AM. You can sign up the day of if you wish. There will also be music and a carnival for the kids after the race.

I hope to see some of you there!


PS – If you want the specific URL for the team page, it is

Many thanks for supporting the cause. I couldn’t do it without your support.

By Jon Dorfman

I created The Aspie Dialogues. I like music/rhythm video games, working on video production, and creative writing. Most importantly of all, I love all my subscribers to the blog. Thank you all so much for your undying support... Even when I haven't posted for a while. May you find peace with yourself, within yourself. Rock on, Spectrumites!

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