So Close I Can Almost Taste It

I have a feeling that I am very close to finding a more permanent job.  However, right now, I’m still waiting on permission from my last reference to user her as a reference.  I have already asked the employer to bear with me as I await the final reference, while providing links to my previous works in the meantime.

This particular position happens to be a Teaching Artist job, which means I would be teaching urban youth how to make films.  This position would mean the world to me as it would allow me to use what I know to help others.  In other words, it matches my end goal beautifully.

I’ve applied to several other places but haven’t heard back yet.  I learned the hard way this morning that companies apparently do NOT like to field application status questions over the phone.  The irony here:  Most of the companies I applied to did NOT leave an email address.

This conclusively proves what I have long suspected: *cue whiny voice*  Finding a job is hard!

Think about it…  Not only do you have to be a qualifying fit for the job, but you have to take into consideration references (always get permission first), location (yours and theirs), travel time (if both locations are NOT the same place), salary (preferably large, but beggars can’t be choosers), etc.

And then, when you’re all done with that, you have to follow up with them.  It’s a lot to think about and consider for anyone, let alone somebody on the Spectrum.

Meanwhile, I feel like all my commitments I’ve made are starting to overwhelm me right now.  I really need to budget my time better.  And I need to do it fast…  before I crack.  I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned somewhere in there, but I’m too stressed out to think of it.

By Jon Dorfman

I created The Aspie Dialogues. I like music/rhythm video games, working on video production, and creative writing. Most importantly of all, I love all my subscribers to the blog. Thank you all so much for your undying support... Even when I haven't posted for a while. May you find peace with yourself, within yourself. Rock on, Spectrumites!


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