Coming Out… As Autistic

A little bit of personal history about myself, but I’m curious to get your takes on it, as well. There are many overlapping areas between ASD communities and LGBTQIA+ communities (forgive me if my alphabet is inaccurate, please), although I’m positive there’s more than I can be aware of as a single, white, heterosexual, male…… Continue reading Coming Out… As Autistic

The Role Star: Atypical Review!!!!!!*

*And some format changes…From now on, The Role Star can exist in the form of a written review. Let’s face it; the video version just wasn’t going to get done. I have failed. …And I’m sorry.So, without ANY further interruption… OOOOOOOHHHH, shiny…FOCUS, JON!!!! *claps hands* Today, we’ll FINALLY take a look at the first two…… Continue reading The Role Star: Atypical Review!!!!!!*

The Jack of all Tirades: Introductions

Introductions… Happy World Autism Awareness Day 2019! I’ve been waiting a long time to launch this webcomic. I haven’t figured out a dedicated time or day yet, but I should be able to put more out at a pace of about once a week. From here on out, these will take the form of single-panel…… Continue reading The Jack of all Tirades: Introductions

Election Day Is Tomorrow…

…And we’re political, already! We missed you, Jon… Aww… I missed you guys, too. I just wanted to check in and give an update on where my head is at the moment. Spoiler Alert: This post might get a bit heavy… A number of… situations, I’ll call them… are affecting me recently. For starters… Okay,…… Continue reading Election Day Is Tomorrow…