…But Does It Blend?

My mission statement states that I’m here to help my readers transition into society post-Bachelor’s, but in order to gauge how you’re doing, you first need to understand three things: 1. Where you went wrong. 2. Where you went right. 3. How to tell the difference between the two. Let’s start with that first one…… Continue reading …But Does It Blend?

Three Simple Words

“Live.  Laugh.  Love.” – Anon Hmm…  Seems to me it’s been a while since I last wrote on this blog.  Don’t quite remember those cobwebs on the ceiling and the homeless guy drinking in the corner being here when I left this thing last… I guess the primary reason I haven’t been on the Aspie…… Continue reading Three Simple Words

The Lover’s Lullaby

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a while.  A LOT has been running through my head lately.  I’m starting to feel the annual Holiday Depression as of late.  I’ll probably put more updates up soon, but for now, here’s a lullaby I just wrote.  Feel free to use it as long as you…… Continue reading The Lover’s Lullaby

So Close I Can Almost Taste It

I have a feeling that I am very close to finding a more permanent job.  However, right now, I’m still waiting on permission from my last reference to user her as a reference.  I have already asked the employer to bear with me as I await the final reference, while providing links to my previous…… Continue reading So Close I Can Almost Taste It