Another Inspiration Lost…

I don’t know how many of my readers know of or have ever heard of Monty Oum and his webseries, RWBY, but let me take a moment to discuss why I’m taking what I’m about to tell you so personally…

I used to be very excited about new TV shows, movies, and games that would come out when I was younger. I could spend hours sitting in the same position in front of the living room TV, just watching my favorite shows.

As I grew older, things just stopped exciting me so much. By the time I finished college and Harmonix finished releasing downloadable content (DLC, for short) for Rock Band, I felt like nothing could pique my interest that way ever again. Or rather, something would have to try very hard to do so. Enter RWBY.

I didn’t think I’d ever be that excited for anything so easily for a long time, but here was this brand new webseries from some animator I’d never paid much attention to before, and I was beyond excited for it!

RWBY got me interested in something again, at the very least. I would later learn that the series creator, Monty Oum, was an animating legend across the internet (mostly known for RoosterTeeth’s other series, Red VS Blue).

Now for the sad news: Monty Oum passed away two days ago at the age of 33. He left behind many loved ones (friends, family, co-workers) and many others who loved him (i.e., his fans). I wanted you all to know how much this has affected me, personally.

I don’t know if I would still have the interest and inspiration to keep writing and creating anything if I didn’t have RWBY around to pique my interest. It came into my life at just the right time, and it didn’t disappoint. To me, this news is incomprehensible. To die of those causes so suddenly is jarring.

So here’s the message I want to send you at this point:

Life is too short to wallow in negativity. Take care of yourselves. If you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions, here’s my advice to you: Let it out. It’s okay to cry if you have to, but get all that negativity out of your system.

Even if you do have to cry to get it out of your system, just remember one important fact: After the terrible storm comes the serene rainbow.

Get all that negativity out of your system, but remember to do it APPROPRIATELY. Please, I don’t want to hear any horror stories of readers who misunderstood what I’m trying to say, here. Please don’t lash out at other people, or hit and scream at them if they try to help. It may be better to let them know what’s going on in your world so that they can help you let the negativity go in a safe, appropriate manner. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and to cry, but it’s not okay to get violent and boisterous about it.

So, now I’m going to leave you with a couple tributes to Monty Oum that I’ve found online:

RWBY Tribute to Monty Oum


For the full version of the song:

R.I.P. Monty! You are deeply missed!

The Aspie Epilogue will return in full next time.

By Jon Dorfman

I created The Aspie Dialogues. I like music/rhythm video games, working on video production, and creative writing. Most importantly of all, I love all my subscribers to the blog. Thank you all so much for your undying support... Even when I haven't posted for a while. May you find peace with yourself, within yourself. Rock on, Spectrumites!

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