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The Role Star: Atypical Review!!!!!!*

*And some format changes… From now on, The Role Star can exist in the form of a written review. Let’s face it; the video version just wasn’t going to get done. I have failed. …And I’m sorry. So, without ANY further interruption… OOOOOOOHHHH, shiny… FOCUS, JON!!!! *claps hands* Today, we’ll FINALLY take a look at […]


The Role Star: Adam (2009 Film)

The Aspie Dialogues Presents: The Role Star! Can this Fox Searchlight film from nearly a decade ago stand the test of time? And what lessons can the Autism Community at large glean from it? The Role Star reviews the 2009 Fox Searchlight film, Adam. Coming Next Time on The Role Star: Atypical: Season 1 Stay […]