Carry On Puzzle Pride Campaign

Changing Directions…

By now, I’ve noticed that I haven’t received submissions for this year’s Puzzle Pride Campaign yet. At this point, I have no reason to suspect that I will by the deadline. That’s fine; I haven’t really been pushing it as hard as I should have been, and that was entirely my fault.


Yes, there is an attachment to this statement… However, I do have something really nice to share with you all, possibly in its place.

I don’t want to talk too much about concrete details, but I assure you it is coming.

…in May.

I promise this will be good. Just hang in there with me on this.

That’s it for the Puzzle Pride Campaign news for now. As for Carry On, my original screenplay…

I have entered it into three competitions at the same time. I’m hoping at least one of them will bite. If not, then I will engage in a massive revision I’ve been brainstorming about. I find out about contest #1 in June; I won’t know about the others until July.

I do greatly appreciate everybody who has liked the screenplay on so far. You all are wonderful! Let’s keep the momentum rolling on that!

I’m not sure if there will be a Puzzle Pride Award recipient this year, but I promise you will enjoy what I’m working on this month in regards to the Aspie Epilogue. Suffice it to say, I want to foster conversation, or dare I say… “dialogues?” You’ll understand when you see it.

Have a wonderful Autism Awareness Month, everybody!

Life Preview School Work

The Future is Limitless!

Since I last posted on the Aspie Epilogue, I’ve been busy trying to plot out my next move(s).  Drexel didn’t pan out, getting my old job back didn’t pan out.  Nothing seemed to pan out in the past month.  But that was in the past.

The future is what I have left to preoccupy myself with.  So, just what am I doing in the future, anyway?

There are some more updates I plan to elaborate on in future posts.  The following are some updates I hope to be able to post about later:

1) I’m applying for SJU’s M.A. in Writing Studies program for the Fall 2012 semester.  I’m still working on the application, but I will most definitely let you all know how that turns out in the end.

2) I’m working toward a very special personal project related directly to the Aspie Epilogue.  I hope to have the completed version ready by November 23, 2015.  I’m still working on specifics, but I promise you all will LOVE it when you see it.

3) Still trying to find a job.  You’ll be among the first to know when that happens.  I certainly hope that part comes soon.  Believe me, I really want that to happen.

And there you have it.  The past may be gone, but the future is still out there somewhere, waiting to come to light.

Again, I’m always open to hearing about other people’s Puzzle Pride Awards if anybody has some they would like to share.  You can learn more about that on the Puzzle Pride Campaign page on the Aspie Epilogue.

I’ll see you next time, when I cover some important questions many of you may have had at some point or another concerning diagnoses.