Puzzle Pride Campaign

I Want to Hear from YOU!

April’s right around the corner, and that means another round for the Puzzle Pride Campaign! I want to hear YOUR nominations for the 2015 Puzzle Pride Award!

To make things interesting, I’m going to work on a special surprise for the winner(s) this year. I’ll announce what that is when it gets closer, maybe sometime around March, perhaps. We’ll see.

For now, I want to hear who you guys think should win this year’s Puzzle Pride Award. I’m counting on you to make this work. Don’t let us down! It’s gonna be awesome.

Puzzle Pride!

Puzzle Pride Campaign

Some Good News

Yesterday, I finally received my diploma from my Master’s degree I earned back in May. Words cannot describe the relief I feel just knowing that I can now officially close the books on my graduate studies.

But that’s not the whole reason I’m writing today.

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support is hosting a 5K as part of Saint Joseph’s University’s Hawktoberfest celebration on September 27.

I started a team page for it, located here.

If any of my readers will be in the area and want to join my team, that’d be great! If you want to support the team but can’t run or won’t be in the area, you can also donate to Team Puzzle Pride from the team page.

The run (or walk, if that’s your thing) will cost $25 per runner, $100 per group of 5 individuals, or $10 per SJU student. Or you can donate toward the cause, like I described above.

For those of you who wish to join Team Puzzle Pride, check in starts at the Kinney Center at 7:00 AM on Saturday, September 27, and the race kicks off at 8:30 AM. You can sign up the day of if you wish. There will also be music and a carnival for the kids after the race.

I hope to see some of you there!


PS – If you want the specific URL for the team page, it is

Many thanks for supporting the cause. I couldn’t do it without your support.

FAQ Life Puzzle Pride Campaign

Puzzle Pride Climbing

I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a while. Long story short, my father recently broke his hip, slipping on the ice about a month and a half ago. Time to write on the Aspie Epilogue has been scarce.

Perhaps you’ve heard the latest from the CDC, but for those who haven’t, I just learned today that ASD now affects 1 in 68 people. For those of you playing the home game, that’s a dramatic increase in prevalence over the past two short years.

Welcome to the blog where the numbers DO count, and the points DO matter.

This means that instead of 1 in 88 children growing into 1 in 88 adults with ASD, 1 in 68 children with ASD will grow into 1 in 68 adults with ASD. That’s a big difference from the 2012 numbers. A few years ago, it was 1 in 110. Clearly, this is a trend that’s not going to stop any time soon.

What bothers me about this is that now there is potential for another push to “cure” ASD. For many of us, this implies that there is something “wrong” with us. That idea is a myth.

We operate by a different brand of logic from the neurotypicals who create this myth. Even if a brand of logic is flawed — we do have a more literal definition of the world around us — it’s still a brand of logic.

It’s not that we can’t understand the world around us and contribute to it. It’s that our brains are wired to see the world differently than others. That’s not a problem, and it certainly doesn’t require a “cure.”

What it requires is resources to go into helping us use our way of seeing the world to advance it.

That’s enough of that rant for today. I have another important announcement to make today.

I’m still looking for suggestions for the 2014 Puzzle Pride Award recipient! I’ll give you guys all of April to comment and discuss on the blog about it.

If we get to May and nobody’s been nominated yet, I’ll have to call on random people, which is less than ideal for the intent of the blog. I know we don’t it to come down to that, so let’s get the ball rolling.

Until then, Puzzle Pieces…

Puzzle Pride Campaign

Puzzle Pride 2014 is Coming!

Hi, all!

It’s almost February, and you know what that means! The Puzzle Pride Campaign is coming!

It’s only two more months until Autism Awareness Month, and that means I need your suggestions for the 2014 Puzzle Pride Award recipient.  You can submit suggestions via any method listed on the Contact page (Facebook, Twitter, Email), Google+, or even by commenting on the blog! The winner will be announced in April, so stay tuned.

I’m hoping to also start a new Aspie Epilogue project next month in conjunction with the Puzzle Pride Campaign. So stay tuned in March for that.

How do you like the new look? Do you have anybody you’d like to recognize for the Puzzle Pride Campaign? Have any other feedback about the site? Let me know what you guys think!

Puzzle Pride Campaign

Happy (Belated) Autism Awareness Month 2013!

I know, I know…

I stink at blogging. I’ve already learned that lesson. I really wanted to get this up a month and a half ago, but various projects (and school) came up, and well, I don’t have much else for an excuse. I figured I’d make it up to you with this post then go from there.

Late as this post is, I wanted to share with you all how I spent my Autism Awareness Month (April). Last year, I introduced the Puzzle Pride Campaign and the Puzzle Man. How could I possibly have followed up such an amazing show for this year (even if I wanted to do it a month and a half ago)?

I convinced my parents to light up the house blue this April (last month… oopsy-daisy :P)! Take a look for yourselves:

Awesome! I know, right?
Awesome! I know, right?

But that’s not all I did:

Just in case my neighbors were curious.
Just in case my neighbors were curious.

It’s always great to see Puzzle Man in action. Look at him! He’s so happy to be so loved!

Here’s where I digress for a bit:

My sister has Sjögren’s Syndrome. You can read all about it at her page on the blogroll. You may remember her as the Puzzle Pride Award recipient from last year (2012).  As it turns out, Sjögren’s Awareness Month is also celebrated in April. So that she didn’t feel left out…

Leave it to Jenny to steal the thunder from my blogpost...
Leave it to Jenny to steal the thunder from my blogpost…

Hmm… I appeared to be at home when this was taken… *Digression!* Ahem, so yes… It was also Sjögren’s Awareness Month in April, as well.

So, who got the much coveted Puzzle Pride Award *Angelic Chorus Singing*?

Dr. Michelle Rowe of the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support at St. Joseph’s University. You can read more about the decision on the Puzzle Pride Campaign page located on this very blog.

So, there you have it! Up to date (or last month to be nitpicky) on the Aspie Epilogue. I have shown my true colors at last (well, at least one shade of them, anyway)! Huzzah!

I’m going to make an effort to be more active from this point. NO PROMISES! I do have a tendency to forget to post, you know. Anyway, I have class in about an hour, so I will see you next time… Whenever that is.

Puzzle Pride Campaign

Introducing… the Puzzle Pride Campaign!


You may have noticed a new page on the blog.  You can learn more by visiting the Puzzle Pride Campaign page at the top of the blog, but I’ll explain it briefly here.  We are all pieces of the same puzzle.  When we come together as one, we reveal the whole picture as we strive to understand what the puzzle is.

Since this is Autism Awareness Month (April), I feel it is appropriate to announce that I may not be “normal,” but I am me.  And that is all that matters in this life.  I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the face of ASD.

I could never have made it this far without those who went to bat for me in my lifetime.  So to thank them, I am initiating the Puzzle Pride Campaign.  Puzzle Man serves to acknowledge both the people in our lives who have supported us all the way and our pride as Puzzle Pieces.  Individually, we are but one piece.  Together, we are the completed puzzle in all its colorful glory.  I hope you join me in this campaign as I award the first Puzzle Pride Award to Understanding Invisible Illnesses (UII).  Live to Help, and Help to Live.  Nobody understands this and acts on it better than UII.  Keep an eye out on Facebook for the Official Aspie Epilogue Facebook Page, coming later this month.

May you find peace with yourself, within yourself (piece?).