The Aspie Dialogues -OR- The Aspie Epilogue 2.0

Okay, I know what you’re thinking right now, and I can explain…

First he doesn’t post for several months, and then he does THIS?!!!… !

Calm down, people. I know as Spectrumites, we possess a tremendous amount of inertia to change, but at least listen to why I did it. I promise there’s a rationale behind all the domain name changes and theme updates. Okay? We calm now? Can we put down all the torches and pitchforks? Cool. Thank you.

Now, I know there wasn’t anything wrong with the old website, but listen to the whole spiel before you pass judgement on the new one:

For a while now, I’d been feeling uneasy about the name, The Aspie Epilogue. Something about that last word just stared me in the face, peering deep into my soul. Epilogue. Then the reason why it sat uneasy with me dawned on me.

The word, Epilogue, implies finality. Closure. An end to the story. My tagline had always been the opposite. “There’s more to the story…” It’s right there on the About page, for crying out loud! No, there had to be a better word to express my goal for the website.

But what is my goal, you ask?

The Aspie Epilogue has always been about continuing the discussion about Autism Spectrum Disorder in a safe, expressive environment. In short, to hold a dialogue, if you will, with my viewers/readers, on the issues that matter to us in the ASD community.

Then, something happened which I hadn’t expected; I started developing The Aspie Dialogues (the video series). By the way, more are coming, just as soon as I can sit down and crank them out. Free time’s been scarce as of late.

After mulling it over in my head for several months, I’ve finally made up my mind to change the mood of the website. Gone is the tone of finality and closure implied by The Aspie Epilogue. In it’s place rises a new beginning for the website.

Say hello to The Aspie Dialogues. It’s a much needed renewal, and it’s here to stay.

So, since we’re here…

“Let’s talk about Autism…”

We have so much catching up to do.

Life Preview School Work

The Future is Limitless!

Since I last posted on the Aspie Epilogue, I’ve been busy trying to plot out my next move(s).  Drexel didn’t pan out, getting my old job back didn’t pan out.  Nothing seemed to pan out in the past month.  But that was in the past.

The future is what I have left to preoccupy myself with.  So, just what am I doing in the future, anyway?

There are some more updates I plan to elaborate on in future posts.  The following are some updates I hope to be able to post about later:

1) I’m applying for SJU’s M.A. in Writing Studies program for the Fall 2012 semester.  I’m still working on the application, but I will most definitely let you all know how that turns out in the end.

2) I’m working toward a very special personal project related directly to the Aspie Epilogue.  I hope to have the completed version ready by November 23, 2015.  I’m still working on specifics, but I promise you all will LOVE it when you see it.

3) Still trying to find a job.  You’ll be among the first to know when that happens.  I certainly hope that part comes soon.  Believe me, I really want that to happen.

And there you have it.  The past may be gone, but the future is still out there somewhere, waiting to come to light.

Again, I’m always open to hearing about other people’s Puzzle Pride Awards if anybody has some they would like to share.  You can learn more about that on the Puzzle Pride Campaign page on the Aspie Epilogue.

I’ll see you next time, when I cover some important questions many of you may have had at some point or another concerning diagnoses.

Life Love Preview School

Major Update Coming Soon

Hey, guys!  I know I’ve been gone for a while.  I have something really exciting to post about, but I’m waiting for some more concrete details to come through first.  I’ll give you a hint:

It was briefly mentioned in my last post a month ago.

To those who figure out what I’m talking about, I’m still waiting to hear back.  To those who have no clue what I’m talking about, you’ll find out as soon as I find out.

In the meantime…

I previously gave up trying to find a date.  Well, I’m still at square one, but I may have posted that in sheer depression.  It’s not that I don’t want a relationship, it’s that I just can’t seem to find anyone remotely interested in me.  And that brings me down.  A lot.  My friends have started noticing this, and well, I guess I am a little down about that.  Calling off the moratorium, but the prognosis is not too uplifting right now.  It’ll happen when it happens.  Even though I really want it to happen now.  Now if you’ll excuse me for just a little bit, I’ll be sure to have more details when I get them.


Please Bear with Me

Please bear with me as I update the blog’s appearance.  I am working on something big that I think you all will like.  You can consider the new design a clue as to what’s going through my head right now…  Until then, please bear with me.  Thank you.