The Jack of all Tirades: Introductions

Introductions… Happy World Autism Awareness Day 2019! I’ve been waiting a long time to launch this webcomic. I haven’t figured out a dedicated time or day yet, but I should be able to put more out at a pace of about once a week. From here on out, these will take the form of single-panel […]

The Jack of all Tirades: Characters: Jeff (and Daisy)

“Mew!””Hey, Jon… You got a second?” Jeff is Jon’s father, who always seems to be asking a ridiculous favor from Jon at the worst times. Though Jon always tries to hide from him, Jeff always seems to find his son. Daisy is a cat. Pet the kitty…

The Jack of all Tirades: Characters: Randy

“Win five dollars a month for life? How can I lose?” Randy is Jon’s friendly rival who will mischievously get into trouble with Jon from time to time. He means well, but doesn’t always think ahead to the full picture, much to Jim’s annoyance. Also, he’s an enthusiastic workaholic.

The Jack of all Tirades: Characters: Jim

“Uh… What?” Jim is Jon’s best friend and keeper of the peace. An aspiring police officer, Jim juggles Jon’s idiosyncrasies with Randy’s antics, all while trying to keep Jon’s and Jeff’s father-son relationship as healthy as possible. Good luck with that last one… 

The Jack of all Tirades: Characters: Jon

“Hellooo…” Jon is our eyes and ears for the series. He calls it as he sees it. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That remains to be seen. He may be autistic, but that suits him just fine. Also, do NOT ask him what being autistic is like…. I mean, unless you want to […]