Coming Out… As Autistic

A little bit of personal history about myself, but I’m curious to get your takes on it, as well. There are many overlapping areas between ASD communities and LGBTQIA+ communities (forgive me if my alphabet is inaccurate, please), although I’m positive there’s more than I can be aware of as a single, white, heterosexual, male […]

I’m So Excited to Post This, I Don’t Even Have a Title Picked Out Yet…

Okay, so maybe some of you have seen my recent string of tweets alluding to this post. If you haven’t, get on that. This is important. Also, just to provide a quick unrelated update on that WEGO Health Awards nomination, I was not a finalist, but I appreciate the endorsements I received. It means the […]

The Great Schism of Autism

Hello, Dear Spectrumites! I want to take some time today to talk about something that’s been bothering me for quite some time… The Great Schism of Autism. Okay, so what exactly do I mean by this? “Jon, are you getting political again?” Well… Yes, and no. Yes, in that the outcome of this Schism will […]

Ask an Aspie: It Was the Best of Times …Or Maybe Not So Much.

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks. …Right after I said I’d be posting more often, at that, but there’s only so much a mere mortal can do when he’s dealing with a cold, working on numerous projects at work, his pregnant sister’s due in less than three months… You get the idea. […]

Autisms: Labels VS. Diagnoses

I’ll be blunt: Labels don’t accomplish anything toward acceptance. Isn’t that what our end goal is, anyway? Acceptance? We’ve been fighting for awareness for so long now, everyone and their second-cousin is aware that Autism (or “Autisms” as new research would suggest) exists. So, I guess acceptance should be the next step. I see many […]

Ask an Aspie: Meltdowns VS. Tantrums and How to Respond to Them Appropriately

I’ve been waiting for about a month to write this particular post, but between needing time to myself and just needing to get myself back in action after the start of the new year, this was the soonest I was able to get this out to all of you. I apologize for that. It really […]

Let’s Talk About Our Mental Health By now, you already know Robin Williams took his own life over this past weekend. I’m not here to rehash what you already know. I write this post to help (myself) make sense of a tragic moment in our lives. For those of you who were too young to have seen Mrs. Doubtfire before, this […]

Puzzle Pride Climbing

I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a while. Long story short, my father recently broke his hip, slipping on the ice about a month and a half ago. Time to write on the Aspie Epilogue has been scarce. Perhaps you’ve heard the latest from the CDC, but for those who haven’t, I […]

Ask an Aspie: Fun-Facts for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hello, Puzzle Pieces! I figured that since I’ve been gone for a while, I’d return with something fun for this round of Ask an Aspie. Just last week, I tried to calculate various statistics about the prevalence of ASD for an Editing class assignment. Ultimately, the numbers were cut from the paper, but it apparently […]