The Jack of all Tirades: Characters: Jon

"Hellooo..." Jon is our eyes and ears for the series. He calls it as he sees it. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That remains to be seen. He may be autistic, but that suits him just fine. Also, do NOT ask him what being autistic is like.... I mean, unless you want to [...]

I’m So Excited to Post This, I Don’t Even Have a Title Picked Out Yet…

Okay, so maybe some of you have seen my recent string of tweets alluding to this post. If you haven't, get on that. This is important. Also, just to provide a quick unrelated update on that WEGO Health Awards nomination, I was not a finalist, but I appreciate the endorsements I received. It means the [...]

Quick Pseudo-Update:

I'm going to have a much longer update out soon... I hope. In the meantime, please take the time to read this VERY important shameless self-plug: I've been nominated for the WEGO Health Awards for Hilarious Patient Leader! I need you to go to THIS LINK and click on the ENDORSE button in order to [...]

When Does Empathy Border on the Pathological?

When last I wrote on the blog, I mentioned there might be a couple months without content due to the process of moving. Well, now I'm knee-deep in the process of putting stuff away in my new home. So during a recent, much-needed therapy session, I revealed an aspect of myself that leads into today's Million-Dollar [...]

The Role Star: PSA (The Definition of Insanity) In this PSA Jon makes an empassioned plea for lawmakers to do something ANYTHING to stop the endless cycle of gun-related violence destroying the lives of our youth. Since this is a Jon Dorfman video it will be posted to both The Aspie Dialogues AND Crazy Good Studios websites. TL;DR: Jon sides with the [...]

PSA: Words Defy Me…

Now I know how Mom felt when I was 15; I'm stunned speechless. But, because a former Scientologist saw the Tide Pod Challenge (DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT, BY THE WAY) and said, "Hold my beer," I don't have that option anymore. Apparently, some desperate parents out there have decided that The Great Schism of [...]

The Role Star: Adam (2009 Film) The Aspie Dialogues Presents: The Role Star! Can this Fox Searchlight film from nearly a decade ago stand the test of time? And what lessons can the Autism Community at large glean from it? The Role Star reviews the 2009 Fox Searchlight film, Adam. Coming Next Time on The Role Star: Atypical: Season 1 [...]

When It Was ’17…

It was a very frustrating year. I don't think many people have such fond memories of 2017, in general. Politics aside, it was just a year filled with unbridled negativity, no matter where you looked. But I don't have to recap everything that happened this year for you. Instead, why don't we look to the [...]

Gut Reaction: Atypical

This is a new segment, in which I reveal my first impressions of a neurodiversity-related book, show, music, or video-game that I have just come across. For all intents and purposes, a "show" will be defined as a movie, TV series, or web series. In order to qualify, I can only have seen no more [...]

The Great Schism of Autism

Hello, Dear Spectrumites! I want to take some time today to talk about something that’s been bothering me for quite some time… The Great Schism of Autism. Okay, so what exactly do I mean by this? “Jon, are you getting political again?” Well… Yes, and no. Yes, in that the outcome of this Schism will [...]