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The ASD Bill of Rights

Each spectrumite is entitled to certain inalienable human rights, which are or ought to be bestowed upon any human being.

Life Love PSA

PSA – Anxiety

2020 hit us all very hard. We never even saw it coming. We’re all super anxious, right now. Everybody needs to pause and take a deep breath, right now. Inhale. 3… 2… 1… Exhale. Do that as many times as you need to for as long as you need to. It will all work out. […]


Updates: Lots of ‘Em

I’m not sure what the timeframe of new episodes of either will be, but releases will be on a seasonal basis–i.e., blocks of episodes completed at a time and released on a regular basis each year (13 episodes a season, etc.).

Carry On

Carry On Now Available on Amazon!!!

…As a publication of the screenplay. BUT YOU CAN STILL BUY IT! Please buy it. Thank you! </shameless-self-plug>


Coexisting After COVID-19

Sorry, I’m so late on this. Between schoolwork and (virtually) attending classes, I hadn’t had much time to check in with you guys. At times like these, it’s important to find a way to check in with each other–even if we’re all sheltering in place. Now… it’s time to put some “social” back in social […]


Autism CONTINUUM Disorder?

Okay, so this is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, but… Hear me out, okay? We keep saying things like the autism spectrum, on the spectrum, and my personal pet-peeve: high/low end of the spectrum. But what, exactly, is the spectrum? What do we mean when we say the spectrum? When most people think […]

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The Last Post of the Decade

I know I said I was going to address the opposing viewpoint at the end of my last post, but… well, you’ve read enough of this blog to know how I feel about that. So, that would be kind of redundant to do so. What I wanted to talk to you about tonight (it’s not […]


We Need Another Talk…

Now, I’m as much for patient rights and autism acceptance just as much as I’m for acknowledging the capabilities of all Spectrumites. All as much as the next Spectrumite. And that’s why I’m starting to get angry at a certain myth wafting around the Quora forums like that bad stench you can only get from […]

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Coming Out… As Autistic

A little bit of personal history about myself, but I’m curious to get your takes on it, as well. There are many overlapping areas between ASD communities and LGBTQIA+ communities (forgive me if my alphabet is inaccurate, please), although I’m positive there’s more than I can be aware of as a single, white, heterosexual, male […]

The Role Star

The Role Star: Atypical Review!!!!!!*

*And some format changes… From now on, The Role Star can exist in the form of a written review. Let’s face it; the video version just wasn’t going to get done. I have failed. …And I’m sorry. So, without ANY further interruption… OOOOOOOHHHH, shiny… FOCUS, JON!!!! *claps hands* Today, we’ll FINALLY take a look at […]